Tall Red Poppy Media is a multimedia company which specialises in web design, market research and brand management.

Our goal is to create unique, sleek and sophisticated websites that match the client’s needs without charging extortionate prices. We strive to offer clear concise and helpful advice and support throughout web design and development process.

The ultimate aim is to create a website that perfectly suits the customer’s needs, brands image and expectation. Web development can be a long and stressful process, so we want to ease the pressure by working with you each step of the way but by doing the majority of the grunt work and making sure that we create an end product that our clients will love. In addition to the initial design and development, we will then help maintain the website and iron out any problems for six months afterwards and will still be available after that time period to fix any urgent problems.

Most design companies use excessive amounts of jargon when they talk and create their vision. We don’t want to do this, we want this to be as a collaborative process as possible so we will frequently consult you so that the design is a joint venture. What we ask from you is a detailed specification giving us examples of the type of design and responsiveness you want. We will also require a lose deadline, the content that ultimately needs to end up on the site and the price range that you are looking at.

We promise to get your site up and running as quickly as possible however we do not want to rush the process and give you a broken or badly designed site so we will endeavour to give you a realistic timeframe that enables us some leeway for any problems that may crop up. Please bear in mind that we are able to either build a site to work on your existing CMS or to create one specifically from scratch.

As well as creating a brand new website for you or giving your existing one we can also help you with brand management. Quite often when creating a new site it is also usual to alter the company image and do some retargeting to attract more traffic.

Whether you are a well-established company or a start-up there is always more that can be done to ensure that your products and services are positioned corrections, are reaching the right target market and are communicating the correct message. When it comes to repositioning your brand even if that is just through a logo redesign or a different marketing strategy, we can do that for you. We will work with you to ensure that your website is communicating a store through elements on your website or marketing strategy and that it is differentiated enough from your competitors.

We will utilise our skills to give you a first rate service that generates results.

The last thing we offer goes hand in hand with our web design and development and with brand management and that market research. Nothing is more important in this process than doing a sufficient amount of market research. If the time and effort on revamping your brand and website (or creating it from scratch) without a basis of research to draw from then all the time and effort could be fruitless. We guarantee results which means we can take on the market research for you and put maximum energy into discovering who you target market is, what they want and how best to communicate with them.

Don't believe that we can do all these things? Check out our past projects for Strand of Silk, Soho Square Studios, Organic Textile Company, London Audio Visual